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On the evening of March 31st, 2018, the Central Hall of HCMUTE could not be any hotter, more nervous and more cumbersome when the Finalists of the Chemistry and Applied Science contest held by the Faculty of Chemical and Environmental Technology and the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Throughout the two rounds of this contest, teams have accumulated a lot of experience "competition", in the final round to participate in exchanges, learn but still warrior spirit, speeding to the destination. With four rounds of competition: kickoffs, rounds, competitions, and goals, teams have to pass many test questions about chemistry, the applications of chemistry very familiar in everyday life that no one expected. come.

The final result was won by the Applied Science Team, followed by the Lao Hac Troop, the third prize went to three cute monkeys. Whatever the outcome, how to stand on the stage like today is a great effort for you. With the efforts of organizers and collaborators, MEB contest has been a great success, wish you good study, good season next year will be a brilliant success.

Source: MEB - article - recording
Here are some pictures taken in the finale:

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