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Introduction of Materials Technology

Materials Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary scientific field that studies the relationships between compositions, structures, properties and processing technologies, modification and fabrication of materials.

Materials are substances or compounds used for the production of various products in all fields of human activities. The study of materials creates countless real-life applications. Modern industrial activities always have strict requirements for technical standards, in which materials utilized for the production of machinery and equipment plays an important role. Therefore, materials technology becomes more and more popular and develops very quickly. 

The development of natural sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics and chemistry, etc.) remarkably contributes to the development of materials science. Different aspects of materials such as composition, structure, mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, optical properties are studied in order to produce high-quality materials for engineering applications.

The major in materials technology equips students with fundamental knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences and materials science to help them understand properties of different types of materials and their main applications. In addition, students are equipped with knowledge about techniques for measuring and characterizing materials, as well as methods for theoretical and experimental research on composition, structure, properties of materials, and technologies for processing and manufacturing materials.

Students in materials technology major are required to have good background in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Mathematics helps students solve structural and technical problems. Physics is the foundation for students to understand the phenomena, processes, and laws of materials change. Chemistry supports students in studying materials structures, thus suggesting optimal solutions to the processing, fabrication, modification, selection and usage of materials in different application fields.

Program in materials technology at HCMC University of Technology and Education is designed and established from the inheritance of knowledge of traditional materials and the acquirement of the latest achievements in the field of materials engineering and science such as nanotechnology, a modern technology that allows the exploration, interaction with materials at the atomic level, in the scale of micro/nanometer, to manufacture nano-structured materials which have attracting and distinguished properties very essential for current industry and engineering.

In addition to fundamental knowledge of materials science, students will be provided with specialization competence in materials engineering and technology, particularly nano materials for electronics, nano composite and polymeric materials, nano ceramic materials, and nano printing materials. 

Jobs, learning and development opportunities after graduation

Materials technology is currently attracting special attention from a lot of corporations. These companies often offer a wide range of scholarships to materials engineering students. Furthermore, graduates in this field have a lot of opportunities to find high-salary jobs in interdisciplinary areas such as electronic, automotive, telecommunication, construction and aerospace industries. 

Graduates in materials technology will work as engineers, technical staff or production managers in industrial companies or factories; they will take responsibility for the production, fabrication, processing of machinery and equipment utilizing traditional materials, as well as the development of new materials technology, nanotechnology.  

Graduates in materials technology can also work as researchers or lecturers, as well as take part in academic, research and technological innovation and transfer activities at universities, research institutes, centers for technological research and development, industrial management agencies, consulting companies, or multinational corporations. 

Graduates in materials technology with sound academic foundation and good English ability will have a lot of opportunities to apply for scholarships to pursue their studies at higher levels such as Master or Doctor Degrees in the field of nano materials at national or international institutes. 

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